PegsWeb can build and develop any type of website, from simple one page , booking, subscription based, e-commerce website, to the very large social , and community based websites.

Website Developed Specially For You


Your webiste will be developed specially for you, we do this because we know that every one has his own goals, and what works for anyone may not work for you. Will your website be your company portfolio? Will you write articles on it? will you offer subscription based services?, your needs will determine our development process and techniques. This is why we must understand you needs very carefully.



Content Managment System

Powerful Content Managment System

PegsWeb custom content managment system will help you manage your website. Our CMS system is easy to use without any technical knowledge. You will not need to hire a prfoessional web developer to manage your own website, you will manage it by yourself or any other person you want.

We have developed our CMS with a great GUI (Graphical User Interface) so that you can manage your site with basic mouse clicks.


Dynamic Easy To Use Control Panel

Admin Control Panel is the place where you or any website administrator can manage your website from. Our Cpanel has a lot of unique features that aren’t available anywhere in Egypt, or in the Middle East. Some of these features are as follows:

1- Graphical User Interface (GUI) that makes the management of your website an easy task for any person, even without any technical knowledge.
2- Any one can manage it, even any kid. All you need is our short video/live training.
3- Easy to add functions on the fly without writing any code (e.g. Add images, articles, products, users, admins, menus,…..).
4- You can create unlimited number of pages from it without any cost, or code.
5- Can be extended at anytime with your business future needs.
Note: Some companies build very limited systems, that when you want to add any new functionality (even the smallest ones), they will force you to pay for recreating your website from ground zero, so you end up paying the full price twice. Our CMS will can be extended easily and you will pay for your needed upgrade only, not the full price again.

Web Development Services in Egypt

 PegsWeb uses the latest web development technologies. We use Object Oriented PHP & MySql for server side programming, HTML5 & JavaScript (Jquery & Ajax) for front end coding, and PHP Frameworks for large web applications. Your website will be future proof.


PHP is a server side programming language used by 80% of the websites on the internet, including Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia.


MySQL is the world most popular database management system usually used with PHP. It is fast, optimized, and secured.


HTML5 is the latest version of HTML witch is used by all websites on the internet. HTML5 came with a lot of new structural elements, 2D & 3D support, and used for building interactive web applications.


CSS3 is a styling language used to for styling the apperance and formatting of the websites. All colors, fonts, backgrounds, and alomst any visual formatting is comming from the CSS Rules.


JavaScript and jQuery are client side scripting languages, used to create dynamic, interactive websites. They create a beautiful user experience with a powerful functionality.


PHP Frameworks are great for developing large, and interspire web application. They are secure, fast, and easily extendeble.

Content Managment System

PegsWeb has developed a huge number of components, plugins, modules for the most popular CMSs in the world. We have developed abroad extensions for Drubal, Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, and PrestaShop. If you want any custom development on any CMS, PegsWeb will be more than happy to help you.