A Professional Web Design Company in Egypt

As a leading web design company in Egypt, we offer you professional web design solutions with the best prices in Egypt. We helped our customers establishing a professional online presence for their companies and brands


Creating A Professional Website is Science

PEGS WEB SOLUTIONS! is a leading web design company in Egypt, and we know how to build professional web designs. Creating a professional Websites is Science. We will not give you just a beautiful website, but we will build you a beautiful website that helps you achieving your business goals. By optimizing user experience, and conversion rates on your site, we will make sure your messages are delivered clearly to your website visitors. We will give you more clients.


Professional Layout Design

Layout Propose & Content Flow

Your Layout must have a propose, where should we put your important information? which content will come first? What is your Website flow? What do you want from your visitors, visit contact us page? or signing up for your mail list?

All this questions must be answered in the early stages of your website design. Do you want your visitors to go to your contact us page? we will optimize your website for this. Do you want them to visit your Services Page? we will guide them to visit it.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the technique used to optimize your website to work perfectly on any screen size. You know that more than 60% of internet users these days are using smartphones & tablets, here is the importance of having a mobile friendly website. PegsWeb is the first web design company in Egypt to use this technique. Your website will work on any modern smartphone & tablet, without any code editing, or content duplication.

We Offer Free Responsive Web Design Without Any Additional Costs


The Science of Colors in Web Design

Choosing Colors & Emotions

Colors play a very big rule in having a professional Website, also they play a huge rule on your visitors’ decesions. We choose the best colors to influence your vistors’ decesions. If you are selling some expensive services, we may use some blue/green colors to give your visitors a relaxing & trustworthy feel. If you are selling some unique & creative design services, we may use Black, or Purple. Choosing colors must have meaning & propose.


The Science of Fonts in Web Design

Fonts & Impression

Fonts aren’t just art anymore, now there is a science behind each font. Fonts have a huge rule on the emotional design (will get to that later). They can influence your visitors decesions and feeling. What is the message you are trying to deliver?. Are you in the professional Business industry? Are you in the Fassion industry? Font varies from the formal fonts, to the most crazy casual fonts. Choosing the best fonts for your message will have a great impact on your visitors and conversion rates.


The Science of Emotional Web Design

Web Design & Emotional Decesions

After the industerial era, Neromarketing scientists began to realize that we are emotional creatures, and they realized the huge effect of the emotional design on our feelings and buying desecions. You know, our deseciens aren’t 100% rational, but they are 95% emotional!!!. How many times you have bought something and after that you asked yourself why you have bought this thing??, this happens to all of us because the reallity is this, our buying decesions are emotional and unconscious.



Emotional web design is the design that touches your visitor’s emotions, if you are offering some sort of life insurance, what happens if you used family and children images?, your visitors will think about his family and his childern unconsiuesly, and this will influence their buying decesions.

Fonts and colors also have a great impact on your vistiors’ emotions & feelings, the right compination of Images, Fonts, and Images will help you increase your conversion (converting visitors into customers).