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The Best Professional Web Design Prices in Egypt
You will save more than 35%

PegsWeb will help you achieving your business goals. We aren’t just building beautiful websites. We also know how to build websites that will convert your website visitors into clients/customers (check out our Web Design specifications)

  • Personal

  • 799$
  • Static Website
  • Ready Made Templates
  • Free Domain Name
  • 1 gb Disk Space
  • 20 gb Bandwidth
  • 1 Email Account
  • On-Page SEO
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Professional

  • 1099$
  • Dynamic Website & Unlimited Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Web Design
  • Content Management System Panel
  • Unlimited Number Of Categories
  • Social Media Integration
  • Full SEO Ready System
  • 3 gb Disk Space
  • 500 gb Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Business

  • 1499$
  • Dynamic Website & Unlimited Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Web Design
  • Content Management System Panel
  • Advanced Form Builder
  • Advanced Analytics System
  • Unlimited Services
  • Social Media Integration
  • On-Page SEO
  • Unlimited Categories
  • E-commerce Ready
  • 5 gb Disk Space
  • Full SEO Package
  • PR Campaign
  • Site Performance Optimization
  • Lifetime Technical Support

* If your website requires any custom development like displaying content in a special form, having more than one application (like forums, directory, articles). additional fees may be applied depending on your website requirements.
** Domain Name & Host must be renewed every year. You can cancel your yearly renewal anytime, but you will lose your Domain Name and your Website. You can also cancel your Host account only and keep your Domain Name by paying 25$/year only, and we will send your Website files & Database to you.
*** These prices are for one language Websites. Bilingual websites (e.g. English & Arabic) will cost = Original Price + 50% of the Original Price.
**** We will put samples from your content (e.g. sample products) on the website, and a full training will be provided so that you can add your content.
***** If you want us to do the data entry for you, additional fees may be applied depending on your data (i.e. number of products).
****** Copyright notice will be used (i.e. Pegs Web Solutions logo in your website footer (the bottom area of your website). If you want to remove this copyright notice, a special fee will be required (from 50% to 150% and it is detremined case by case) with detailed reasons, and we have the rights to approve/decline your request.

How can i choose the best package for my needs?

We wanted to make this task as easy as possible with only three web design packages. If you want a small website for your personal use (e.g. write blogs, articles, sharing some information), then the Personal package will work perfectly for you.
If you have a small business that have one set of services, and you will not extend it anytime later, then the Professional package will be your best option (e.g. a clinic website, a lawyer website, an accountant website).
If you have a medium-large business (e.g. tourism company, e-commerce business, multi-services company, real-state company), then the Business package will suits your needs (i.e. extensible system, unlimited services). This package also includes any custom development fees (i.e. you need an online reservation system, or an online forms).

How much disk space or bandwidth will i need?

Website files (source code, pictures, system files, backups), and database are stored on our servers hard disks. The amount of needed disk space depends on the type of your website. If you have a personal website, the 5 gb disk space will be more than enough, and the same applies to the other packages. You can also upgrade your plan anytime you want.
Bandwidth (called Traffic also) is the mesurment of how many users can enter, and use your website. every visitor on your website will consume from your bandwidth. As we said before, we have set limits on each package, and these limits will be more than enough, and you can update your plane anytime.