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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the techniques used to improve your website position in a search engine’s search results. In general. First websites on the search results (Top 10, or 20 depending on your niche) take more than 60% of search users. Our SEO goal is to improve your site position, which will give you more visitors/clients.

Lets put this defenition in prespective to know How important SEO to your Business. take a look at these numbers


Search Engine Optimization Case Study in Egypt

Search Engines (Google) users in Egypt are in millions. Millions of people in Egypt are searching for products/services online. We have done a lot keyword research in different industries, and we will give you two examples only on how optimizing your website for search engines can change your buisness 180 degree

Real Estate Market in Egypt

Real Estate market in Egypt is a huge market. There are a lot of companies working on this market. The average number of searches for “Real Estate in Egypt” are about 800k to 1.3 million searches per year without adding all related terms & keywords. and searches in Arabic language. Take a note that this numbers are from Egypt only.
These numbers says: if you are one of the Top 10 on Google search results, you will get more than 50.000 – 170.000 free visitors per month, and if you are one of the Top 20 you will get more than 20.000 – 50.000 free visitors to your website per month!!!



Tourism Market in Egypt

We have worked with a lot of Tours companies in Egypt. When we were doing our keyword research analysis. We found about 30.000 – 85.000 people are searching for “Tours Offers in Egypt”. Imagine this huge numbers. If you have a website on the Top 10 search results. You will get more than 20.000 – 60.000 visitors per month!!!! If you are one of the Top 20 on search results, you will get more than 10.000- 20.000 visitors per month.

Without a professional SEO services/plan, you are loosing a great opportunity and you are giving these opportunities to your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Like any other professional services. We must create a powerful SEO strategy that is special for you and your business needs. We will give our general plan steps that any strategy must have.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is about identify a list of potential keywords that most people use to search for your products/services. Targeting the wrong keywords will give you nothing. If you targeted keywords that no one is searching for, you will get no traffic, and you will be wasting your time, and money. Targeting irrelevant keyword research will send you irrelevant traffic, this kind off traffic will hurt your business because they are less likely to be your clients.
If you are providing some expensive grammar software, and you are targeting “Best Free Grammar Software”, you may get high traffic, but you will get zero sales.
In our keyword research, we are looking for relevant, high traffic, and low competition keywords. These keywords are easy to compete in short time, and will give you high number of visitors.

Competition Analysis

Analyzing your competitors is a critical step for your SEO success.
We must analyze what keywords they are targeting, content they are producing, list of inbound links, on page optimization, and a lot of factors that will help us understand their SEO strategy. This will help us creating a better SEO strategies for you.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization is very important that we gave it it's own section

Based on our keyword, and competition analysis, we will start optimizing your website. In this stage we will help Google understand what is your website about, what are the keywords you are targeting, what services are you providing, and what are the most important pages in your website. This will be done on several steps

  • HTML Meta Tags Optimization

Meta Tags define your website Titles, and Description. These tags are very important because they appear on Google search results page, and they help Google know the description of every page on your website.

  • Keywords Above The Fold

Google gives more weight for keywords that appear on the top of your website. If we put your keywords on the bottom of your website, they will carry less weight. We have some techniques that will make your most important keywords in the most top of your website.

  • Website Structure & Arctecture

There is a certain structure that Google loves to see.

  • Internal Link Structure Optimization

Internal link structure optimization will help Google finding all important pages on your website. Google will also know what is your pages about. PegsWeb highly advanced techniques will make sure that your pages are linked, and optimized.

  • Keyword Prominence and Proximity

Keyword prominence refers to how close your keywords are to the beginning the important tags of your page, like Title, Headings, Description, and so on. The closer your keywords are to the beginning, the more weight they will carry.
Keyword proximity refers to the distance between your main keywords. If some one searches for “word processor software”, your heading must be like this “Word Processor Software” not like this “Word and Excel Processor, The Best Software in The Market”. The distance between “Word”, “Processor”, and “Software” in the first title is 0. while the distance between “Word”, and “Processor” in the second title is 2. The first Heading is more optimized than the second one.

  • Duplicated Pages & Content Optimization

Google doesn’t love to see any duplicated pages, or content, or meta tags. Google will remove any duplicated pages/content from it;s index. For example, if your Home page has the same content of any other page, Google may remove your home page from it’s search results. We will make sure that each page of your website is unique.

  • Content Optimization

Your website content is one of the most important factors in our SEO strategy. Without an optimized content, it will be very hard to increase your website ranking in Google. We will make sure that your content is search engine friendly, and adhere to Google guidelines.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page optimization is the most important factor in our SEO strategy. Google evaluate the importance of your website using your Off-Page metrics. What people are saying about your website? Does your website has any good quality content that is shared? What types of sites are linking to your website? Does your website have links from authorative websites in your industry? All these questions will define your ranking position in Google.
PegsWeb will help you in a lot of areas like:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Find Authorative Parteners for Your Website
  • Increase Engagement Metrics
  • Monitor your Citation Metrics & What are people saying about you

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